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Veterinary Nurse Empowerment

The one change to unleash the power of your nurses or techs is to empower them. Empower them to be more than they think they can be and empower them to reach further than they have before. With empowerment comes the belief in abilities and with the right implementation into your business you might just add a new service or income stream as well as maintain happier healthier nurses, keep them for longer and positively impact your business.

Rewarding Career in Veterinary Nursing

Re-training is a daunting thought and a career in veterinary nursing is not just a ‘quick tick the box – get the certificate qualification.’ You will never stop learning in this industry, you are limited only by your own self-preservation. A career in Veterinary nursing is so rewarding. There are many different avenues within the industry to enable a varied job outlook.

Vet Nurse Day

Vet Nurse Day

In October we celebrate Vet Nurse day. It  is an important time to take stock of the fabulous caring people, helping to care for pets all over the world.

Talking to clients with the ‘right information’

Talking to clients with the ‘right information’

I am such an advocate for client education. There is so much information we can provide to clients and free up valuable time for the Vet to carry out their ‘important jobs’. Nutritional, surgical, post-operative and general wellbeing are just a few of the advice topics that Cert IV Vet nurses are taught and are well able to discuss with clients.

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