ACM20121 Certificate ll Animal Care - Equine Electives

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Course Outline

Unique to The Animal Academy, you will attend lectures and be guided through your studies. If do not like learning on your own then this course is for you. You get to interact with others in a classroom setting and get to share your knowledge and learnings throughout the course via face to face and remote classes. You will be required to attend these classes one day per week and you will be required to carry out two full days work placement, where you will be able to work with both small and large animals under clearly defined boundaries and supervision.

Work placements* will offer you tailored mentoring at select veterinary practices and immersion from day one of your training, will give you the skills to confidently progress to the veterinary nursing (equine elective) course after completion.

*Placements are at set practices, in most instances travel to the facility will be required (at your own expense). We will consider those who have their own placement - Contact us to discuss further.

Entry requirements

The Animal Academy requires you to be able to provide evidence that you can handle horses and work safely with them in order to be considered for a placement and be over 16 years of age (Internationals must be over 18).

Delivery and location

If we don’t deliver in your area - express your interest; we will endeavour to make something happen for you (dependant on numbers).

  • Face to face - Perth (Domestic and International)
  • Remote - Greater Perth and other States - (Taking expressions of interest)

Course duration

Delivered to you over 20 weeks. (Taking expressions of interest for international placements)


Through a process called recognition of prior learning (RPL) your prior skills and knowledge can be assessed. Please contact us for further information on the process.

What you get

  • You will be taught by internationally experienced assessors
  • Workplace insurance cover
  • Online group learning
  • Supportive mentoring throughout your period of training
  • Regular individual progression meetings
  • Opportunities to network within the industry


  • Digital textbooks and resources
  • Other materials to assist you throughout your training with us

Career opportunities

  • Animal Carer
  • Progression opportunities to Certificate IV Veterinary Nursing - equine electives


Quick outline

ACM20121 Certificate ll Animal Care - Equine Electives

This is a foundation qualification to begin to build the necessary skills for caring for animals and understanding many aspects of the animal care industry. We offer limited placements in the direct pathway to veterinary nursing - equine electives course.

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