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All course fees: $40.00

These short courses have been specially prepared for you by The Animal Academy. All courses have interactive learning and are designed to help you to upskill or maintain your knowledge and further develop within the veterinary industry. Each course has at least 50 practice questions from easy to challenging, a presentation, notes and formula guides (where appropriate). If you are new to veterinary nursing or experienced, you will find a course to test your knowledge. On successful completion of the final quiz, you will receive a certificate of participation.

Take a look through the below courses.  (If there is a topic you would like to see covered - let us know and we will develop something to suit).


In this interactive short course we outline the various categories of instruments including their names and uses. There are quizzes in various formats to help you get familiarised and then test yourself with surgical instruments.


This course provides you with an overview of using and setting up electrosurgery units and lasers within your practice. It outlines: What they are, how they work and how to set them up as well as health and safety precautions required.

Calculations - Introduction

This short course outlines all the basics including calculating animal parameters, metrics verses imperial and household measurements, temperature conversions, and starts to introduce you to percentage and dosage calculations.

Calculations - Oral, Injections and Solutions

This interactive short course outlines the calculating of oral medications, parenteral injections as well as calculating percentages and solutions of various medications, with over practice 50 questions you will be a pro in no time.

Calculations - Fluid Therapy and Rehydration

In this short course we bring to you a large number of calculations on fluid therapy and rehydration of patients to practice with. We outline the requirements of fluid therapy calculating, incorporating non-sensible losses and ongoing rehydration of patients.

Calculations - Nutrition

This short course covers various nutritional calculations, including the reasonings and requirements of RER, DER, kcals including other calculating options even including intensive care and Total Parental Nutrion. There are over 70 practice calculations across the course.

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Short Courses